Screenshot from Muck Rack

Did a vigil for Kimani Gray, who was shot and killed over the weekend by police on a Brooklyn, N.Y., street, turn riotous on Monday night? News reports are unclear.

The Daily News reports that anger over Gray's death triggered a riot during which projectiles were hurled at cops, car windows smashed and a pharmacy customer attacked.

But Twitter shows that several journalists, including those from the New York Times and Time magazine, questioned whether there was an actual riot, according to Muck Rack, a site that gathers journalists' trending topics. In response to a question about the accuracy of reports of a riot, the New York Times' Charles Blow tweeted:"My twitter stream tells me that it wasn't a riot but a protest that became 'unruly' … "

Blow's point is also reflected in a New York Times news story, which reports that about 130 people had gathered at a corner in East Flatbush in Brooklyn and were marching toward the 67th Police Precinct station house when a splinter group became rowdy. No serious injuries were reported.

Anger erupted after two plainclothes officers shot Gray on Saturday after he reportedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. Witnesses told investigators that the officers had identified themselves and ordered him to show his hands. He died after being shot in the abdomen and legs.


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