Killer Mike: Oprah’s A’ight, but if I Had to Choose a Black Woman for President, I’d Pick ...

Rapper Killer Mike in 2016 (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
Rapper Killer Mike in 2016 (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

The white daredevils at TMZ who stop celebrities at the airport and shove cameras in their faces caught up with rapper and activist Killer Mike (not to be confused with me—Flesh-Wounder Mike) at Los Angeles International Airport and asked him about the hype surrounding the potential presidential candidacy of Oprah Winfrey.


(Side rant: Why does TMZ feel like it’s cool to do this? Leaving the airport is when I am at my least coherent. After a flight, I’m always a little discombobulated, and my lips always look like I just ate a powdered doughnut. Killer Mike probably flies first-class, though. They probably give him a hot towel and free Carmex during his trips. I’m just guessing here; I’ve never flown first-class. I’m an economy-type ninja.)

If you haven’t heard about the possibility of a Winfrey presidency, where the hell have you been?

Even though Killer Mike did not disparage Oprah, having been a supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, he told TMZ that he feels that the best black woman for president would be Ohio Democrat Nina Turner.

Turner served two terms as an Ohio state senator and was a key supporter of Sanders’ run, and she apparently impressed Killer Mike on the campaign trail. Having heard her speak at a Sanders rally, I can attest that she does appear to be dynamic and well-versed in policy.

I know what you’re thinking: Why would Killer Mike choose Nina Turner over Oprah?


Turner only has two decades of political experience as a legislative aide, education reformer, city councilperson, state senator, campaign adviser and lawmaker. Oprah, on the other hand, had a talk show.

It looks like Killer Mike is just a hater. After all, who would vote for a woman with actual experience in the job to become president over a billionaire with no experience and no political background, and whose candidacy is only possible because they are rich and had a hit TV show?


That’s crazy talk.

Watch the TMZ video below:

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Archaeyopterix Majorus

#TeamKillerMike (not because Nina Turner, but because NOT Oprah)

I am already SO fucking over this goddamn EXPLOSION in the media over Oprah and this obsession to push the agenda she should/will/could run for president. Celebrities are NOT QUALIFIED to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, God damnit! Stop it, fucking people! Just... STOP IT!

Look at who is in office now; just because Oprah is totally NOT Donald Trump doesn’t mean she is somehow qualified to be president. Would she TRY harder? Yes, of course. Does that mean she would be better than him? Yes, of course. Does that mean she’d be a good president? I don’t know, maybe, possibly.

Look: the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not something we GAMBLE with or take CHANCES on. Do not fucking look to CELEBRITIES to be president.