Kentucky Attorney General Denies Breonna Taylor Announcement Is Forthcoming: ‘The Investigation Remains Ongoing’

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Five months have passed since Louisville Metro Police ambushed 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in her home, shooting and killing her. In the intervening months, her case was first met with silence, with her family, alongside local activists and journalists, fighting to share her story and demand accountability from local officials. But as September rolls in, Taylor’s image and name are everywhere: on the cover of national magazines, as the subject of mass demonstrations, and on T-shirts, postcards (intended to be mailed to public officials), and memes.


But the publicity hasn’t seemed to quicken the pace of Kentucky’s investigation of her death. This past weekend, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who has been overseeing the probe into Taylor’s death, pushed back against rumors that his office would have an announcement about the investigation this week.

“The investigation remains ongoing, and our office does not plan to make an announcement this week,” Cameron tweeted on Sunday.

“We continue to pursue the facts in this case through an independent and thorough investigation,” added the Republican AG.

His remarks came on the second day of Breonnacon, a series of events intended to uplift the local community as they continued to demand justice and systemic change in the wake of her killing. As WLKY reports, the families of George Floyd, Antwon Rose Jr. and Trayvon Martin attended the conference, held at the historically Black school Simmons College, on Monday.

Despite months of inaction, local and national activists vowed to keep up the pressure until charges are brought against the police officers who killed Taylor. Kentucky state lawmaker Attica Scott also announced that she would be pushing forward with “Breonna’s Law,” which would ban “no-knock” warrants across the state. (The practice, which allows cops to forcibly enter property without announcing themselves, was already banned in Louisville.)


“We’re going to stand together. We’re going to stand tall and be here for these families,” Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, told attendees.

The conference wraps Tuesday, culminating in a large-scale march to the LMPD’s training academy.

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It has been over 135 days, what is still ongoing? I mean I guess since you couldn’t find enough in her personal life to hurt her you just gonna hope that people forget and say the shooting was justified? Yeah The Sunken Place is real.