Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Has a Brutal Nickname for Trump and It’s Perfect

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I don’t spend time thinking much about counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway and her husband George Conway’s relationship but whenever I do, I have a few thoughts:


How long has Kellyanne been part of the undead?

How does George list Kellyanne on their taxes and can you file jointly if one person is dead?


Is Kellyanne really just a host body for Dr. Manhattan and he just never fixed her face to make her look alive again?

And lastly, how does their relationship work considering Kellyanne works for the president and her husband is the president’s biggest troll?

On Thursday, President Trump spent most of his day eating raw goat meat and attempting to tweet the impeachment away—oh, and the president was especially pissed after learning that Nancy Pelosi and the Dems were considering withholding the articles of impeachment until the Senate could guarantee a fair trial, the Week reports. So it probably didn’t help matters when George Conway logged onto Twitter to call the man whose fate is being decided without him….wait for it...IMPOTUS.


Sure, it’s supposed to be a mashup of “impeached” and “president” but who are we kidding, this is totally a limp dick joke.

Even the Week couldn’t avoid the obvious: “Impotent has two interlinked meanings: The inability to take effective action, or powerlessness; and a quasi-medical condition that requires drugs like Cialis and Viagra. Let’s assume Conway is referring to the former.”



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Can we stop this silly idea that this man isn’t part of the problem. Sorry but if my wife went to work for someone that selfish & hell bent on destroying the country I would be questioning who I’ve been married to all these years. He may snap back on his ass on Twitter but he is just as much to blame for the current state of politics in this country as she is.