Kellyanne Conway, Asked by No One, Offers Opinion on Obama After Clinton Loss in '16

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Kellyanne Conway has managed to run afoul of quite a few people during her time as a member of Donald Trump’s braintrust. While using nearly every appearance on national television to muddy the waters of dialogue with half-truths, whole lies and missing hairspray, she has managed to flummox, flabbergast, and vex nearly every on-air personality this side of the 700 Club.


She’s also had a hard time keeping a lid on her husband, who has used a considerable amount of time to contradict, jeer, and mock his wife’s boss, and even his wife every now and again.

It is for this reason that one would believe Kellyanne, knowing full well that her husband could quote-tweet her attempt at humor with an eye-rolling emoji or just two or three pairs of eyes, would steer clear of casting aspersions on the fortune had by any married couple.

And yet, here we are.

Conway, whose opinion was requested by no one of note or import, linked to a Washington Examiner story which focused on an update featured in the latest edition of New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker, “Obama: The Call of History” which saw Obama admit that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to Trump “stings”, detailing a night spent watching the film Dr. Strange to distract himself from reality.

Obama was shocked that America had “decided to replace him with a buffoonish showman whose calling cards had been repeated bankruptcies, serial marriages and racist dog whistles,” according to the Examiner.

Obama also reportedly told colleagues that Trump “peddles in bullshit” after meeting him.


Conway, whose follies have never detected a scintilla of frizz they would not readily adopt as their own, took it upon herself to throw stones from her glass townhome:


Conway’s husband has taken time out of his day to diagnose his wife’s boss with a mental illness. Barack Obama watched a country elect the fourth “Multiplicity” clone of Mayor Quimby from “The Simpsons” despite leaving office with a healthy approval rating and a near-universally loved better half.

While the DNC hive mind certainly has its kinks to work out between now and the convention, Conway’s seen real strife up close and personal. While her party struggles with its own opposition to who Trump is as a person, she can’t seem to keep her husband from reading her boss.


Trouble in paradise, indeed.

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