Keeping My Marriage Fresh in 2013


While some are crafting New Year's resolutions around their careers, Mrs. Rocque of the Lovers Rocque writes on Ebony that she has a list for sustaining and replenishing her marriage in 2013.

1. Focus on Anger Management I've mentioned my hothead tendencies before but I'm going to be proactive about not getting frustrated, annoyed or angry so easily affected by other people and certain situations. According to Mr. Rocque, “the best Christmas gift” I gave him was making the declaration to be more Zen. Cheers to that.

2. Be Happy Last year was a doozy. I got married, laid off, relocated to a new city, traveled to three countries and lost my father. I was depressed off and on throughout a lot of that. I realized that I needed to seek professional help. I haven't done that yet, but seeing a therapist is definitely on the agenda. I plan to go alone at first, but at some point, I also want Mr. Rocque to come along with me; not because we're in crisis but because I think it will be good for us.

3. Take a Vacation If it weren't for me, Mr. Rocque the Workaholic would never take vacations. I've got my sight set on a visit to London. He likes the idea, but his pragmatic Capricorn brain keeps mentioning our budget and other monetary goals we have. This is great, but there has to be balance and that's what I'm here for sooo… I'm going to say that at some point in 2013, we'll make it to London and still stay in financial shape. Vacations and trips whenever possible should be necessities for every year.


Read The Lovers Rocque's entire piece at Ebony.

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