Kanye West's Pro-Republican 'Blexit' T-Shirts Call for Black Exodus From Democratic Party

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If you’re a black person who likes hanging out with racists, you have some new fashion choices that don’t include pairing running shoes with Dockers, All Lives Matter haircuts or tucking a polo shirt into your jeans. Kanye West lent his creative skills to Candace Owen when he designed a T-shirt line for the conservative negro darling’s new website dedicated to luring black people away from the Democratic Party and into the arms of the party of white supremacists.


This weekend, Turning Points USA, the conservative organization that employs 29-year-old Candace Owens as its director of communications, held a conference for young, black conservatives who don’t mind Trump, the Republican Party or white people asking to touch their hair. The far-right youth organization is known for its conservatism, and by “conservatism,” I mean anti-blackness. Aside from it’s advocacy in the area of bootstrap-pulling, the site is known for hiring white supremacists like Crystal Clanton, who once texted a fellow TPUSA employee: “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.”

At the Young Black Leaders Summit, instead of lip balm (Why do black conservatives’ lips always look like they just finished eating powdered doughnuts? Is Chapstick owned by leftists?), Candace Owens handed out T-shirts that were reportedly designed by MAGA Kanye, Page Six reports.

The shirt features the words “Blexit” emblazoned across the front or alternately, “we free.” Blexit just happens to be Candace Owen’s new website that seeks to draw black people away from the antiquated thinking of the Democratic Party by opening their minds with testimonials from MAGA Negroes and reminding everyone that Republicans aren’t racist because Lincoln freed the slaves and Kanye hugged Donald Trump.

“Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West,” said Candace “Omarosa Jr.” Owens, who would likely stab Kanye in the jugular vein with a shard from a burned KKK cross if she thought it would garner her more adoration from the whites, adding that Yeezy “has taken one of the boldest steps in America to open a conversation we have needed to have.”

West did not comment on the shirt as cellular reception is very spotty in the Sunken Place.



While we can certainly have arguments and discussions about how much the Dems are actually doing for women and people of color;

For example- Saint Sanders seems to ignore the clear racial components of income inequality in the US, and urged us to vote for an anti-abortion Dem candidate...

The Republican party has made its bed of trolls and domestic terrorists, and it’s fucking laughable that Komrade Kanye wants us all to throw of the oppressive yoke of the party that’s at least slightly offended by the idea of shooting up Mosques, Churches, and Synagogues, for the party that probably celebrates such murders. They’ve certainly encouraged them.

Get out while you can Kim, nobody wants to buy their laxatives from Black White Supremacists.