On Friday, Kanye West's Houston screenings for the visual companion to the new single from his upcoming album, Yeezus, "New Slaves," were a bust, according to the Houston Chronicle. It's unclear why the screenings didn't proceed as planned.

Houston police shut down the Yeezus revival at Rothko. Despite an upbeat, respectful crowd, they pulled several cars onto the grass, flashed lights and sirens and demanded everyone leave or be arrested for trespassing. Folks slowly dispersed when it was clear this wasn't part of the show.

Houston singer Dominique attended the library screening and said it was shut down due to "technical difficulties." It was rescheduled for later that night/morning, but police eventually shuttered that screening, too, after a tense back and forth.

The Bush Memorial screening was also a "no show" according to fan Janet Quiroa.

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