Kanye: 'My Music Is Perfect'

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Kanye: "My music is perfect": In a mini-rant against MediaTakeOut's treatment of him at a recent show, he said, "As a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect! This is the best you gon' get, ladies and gentlemen, in this lifetime, I'm sorry. You go back to Beethoven and sh-t, but as far as this lifetime, though, this is all you got." One thing's for sure — no website will ever criticize this guy for being short on confidence.

Blacks hit hard by subprime bust: The Washington Post reports that it wiped out a generation of progress, and could have effects that last for decades.


Cookie contest stirs debate about Mrs. O.: A simple recipe contest drew a flurry of online comments reflecting on whether Obama had sacrificed too much by focusing on her children and her husband's career or had offered a model for working mothers.

Models of color to watch at Paris Fashion Week: Clutch magazine has highlighted five of their favorites.

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