Kamala Harris Tweets 'Enjoy the Long Weekend' and White People Who Call Other People 'Snowflakes' Got Reeeaally Triggered

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Let’s be very real about one thing: For all of their claims that liberals are easily offended “snowflakes,” white conservatives are undoubtedly the most overly sensitive, perpetually triggered, crying-over-nothing-est people in the world.


They don’t see it as snowflake-dom because the things they bitch about are things that revolve around their personal values. But when you find yourself, for example, losing your shit over people silently kneeling during the national anthem, it is clear that you are not in a position to mock anyone else for their delicate sensibilities.

On Saturday—a day that is not Memorial Day—Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted a single, indisputably harmless sentence: “Enjoy the long weekend.”

That’s it—that’s all she tweeted. Now, normal people who don’t have star-spangled rods up their asses took the tweet to mean all that it meant: Memorial Day Weekend is a three-day weekend and people who work Monday through Friday really enjoy three-day weekends.

Unfortunately for Harris, the hueless and clueless conservatives didn’t see it that way.


Yeeeeeah, nah; this bullshit is absolutely Barack Obama’s tan suit all over again.

Jenna Ellis, who was part of Donald Trump’s legal team, responded to Harris saying, “We enjoyed having a president and VP who respected America’s heroes,” because obviously she’s forgotten about the stories about her rust-colored cult leader calling fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers,” and that he said publicly to spite the late Sen. John McClain, “I like people who weren’t captured,” in reference to McCain’s time in a POW camp during the Vietnam War.


Of course, Republican spank-bank provider Fox News had to get in on the fake outrage fun with Fox & Friends hosts Pete Hegseth, Carley Shimkus and Will Cain engaging in a red, white and blue tears-o-thon over the Harris tweet.

From Raw Story:

“It’s more than a long weekend,” co-host Pete Hegseth complained. “The landing craft at Normandy beach. Long weekend. Or soldiers storming Iwo Jima. Long weekend. We talk about antifa or the anti-racists. Talk about the real anti-fascists and the real anti-racists, those men in World War II who put on the uniform to go fight real fascists and real racism around the world.”

“You’re in a position of such power and your only answer is ‘Look at me, I’m cute, have a long weekend,’” he remarked.

Co-host Carley Shimkus argued that former President Donald Trump won in 2016 because of “those kinds of messages” and “President Obama’s apology tour.”

“Now we are going back to that Obama era of apologies and have a nice long weekend,” she said. “She’s the vice president. That tweet may be acceptable for not a politician, maybe somebody that’s not running for office, or anything like that. But she’s the second most powerful person in the world and she said on Memorial Day, have a nice long weekend.”

“We’ve become so spoiled,” Cain opined. “We are the spoiled grandchildren, the spoiled great-grandchildren of people who truly built this country from a place where your freedom wasn’t something you could so easily take for granted.”


Again, it wasn’t Memorial Day when Harris posted the tweet. There’s absolutely no reason to think that Harris wasn’t planning to post her obligatory tweet honoring the holiday on the actual day of the holiday if she wasn’t pressured to pay her respects early by a bunch of snowflakey-ass whiners. Also, let’s not pretend there is some long-standing tradition of elected presidents and vice presidents using social media to honor the day. There have only been four presidents and four VPs in office since Twitter was invented—calm TF down.

And I know Cain ain’t out here talking shit when, days prior to the Harris tweet, he erroneously compared LEGO’s Pride set meant to resemble the LGBTQ flag to KKK leader David Duke-ish “color coding.”


It’s also been pointed out on Twitter that just hours after Harris posted her tweet, Fox News posted this:


I guess posting a tweet that doesn’t acknowledge the fallen soldiers but does celebrate “Memorial Day Weekend: 2021 cocktail trends” is OK as long as you mention the words “Memorial Day.” “Cheers!” is OK, but wishing people a happy long weekend—during which plenty of people said “cheers” while they enjoyed cocktails—is just disrespectful.

Or maybe conservatives are just a bunch of whiney-ass crybabies.

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons



I mean, honestly, how dare she ever tweet anything other than “I feverishly slobber on the metaphorical cock of the military at all times”

Let me correct that, according to conservatives, “how dare she ever tweet,” or we can simplify it even more with “how dare she”

When I saw Fox News had an article up, “Harris gets roasted on Twitter for thoughtless tweet” or something like that, I knew it was gonna be dumb. I never think it’s going to be THIS dumb, but conservatives sure know how to ‘own the libz by being stupider than fuck’