(5:56 a.m. EST) Democrat Kamala Harris pulled slightly ahead of Republican Steve Cooley in California's attorney general's race early Wednesday, leading the Los Angeles County district attorney on his home turf. With 89 percent of precincts reporting statewide, Harris, the San Francisco district attorney, had a half-point lead. In Los Angeles County, Harris was ahead by 14 points. Cooley, who declared victory and went home earlier in the day, may want to rethink his declaration.

(12:47 a.m. EST) The race for California's attorney general is still too close to call. Republican Steve Cooley is up 49-43 over Kamala Harris, with 16.2 percent of precincts counted. He also has a 49-44 edge in Los Angeles County. Harris would have to beat Cooley by a substantial margin in Los Angeles to win statewide. The race is expected to be one of the closest statewide contests. Cooley, the L.A. County district attorney, had a 1-point edge over Harris in the last Field Poll. Stay tuned.

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