AOL News is reporting that U.S. Diplomat Raymond Davis shot and killed two would-be robbers in Pakistan. The assailants confronted him on a motorcycle along a thoroughfare in Lahore. Just after the shooting, a U.S. consulate rushing to the scene of the crime was involved in a car crash, killing a third person. Alberto Rodriguez, a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, confirmed Davis' identity but said he could not confirm if he was still in police custody or had been turned over to U.S. officials.

There were conflicting reports about details of the incident. Pakistan police say it was self-defense, while others believe Davis went too far. After the shootings, a crowd of bystanders gathered at the scene, some setting tires on fire in protest, the AFP reported. We're sure the would-be robbers didn't think they would be killed, but that is the risk you take when committing crimes against others.

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