A mural of Freddie Gray near the location where he was arrested is shown Aug. 10, 2016, in Baltimore.
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On Wednesday morning the Department of Justice released its long-awaited report (pdf) based on its investigation of the Baltimore Police Department, concluding that "there is reasonable cause to believe that BPD engages in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the Constitution or federal law."

Among the findings listed in the report, the DOJ concluded that the department had a pattern or a practice of making unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests; disproportionately targeted blacks; used excessive force; and retaliated against people engaged in constitutionally protected expression.


"The pattern or practice occurs as a result of systemic deficiencies at BPD. The agency fails to provide officers with sufficient policy guidance and training; fails to collect and analyze data regarding officers’ activities; and fails to hold officers accountable for misconduct," the DOJ wrote in the blistering report. "BPD also fails to equip officers with the necessary equipment and resources they need to police safely, constitutionally, and effectively. Each of these systemic deficiencies contributes to the constitutional and statutory violations we observed."

The DOJ launched an investigation following the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured while in the back of a police van. The death sparked protests across the nation.


Read the full DOJ report (pdf).

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