This was not the week to be a Bill. Or maybe it was a worse week to be Rudy, otherwise known as Keshia Knight Pulliam. Not only did she show up to court in support of Bill Cosby this week, but she said, “The man that I’ve known as a child was funny and witty and smart and philanthropic and full of advice.” This is certainly likely, but her argument is that because he is all those good things, he couldn’t possibly be any of the bad things. If only the world worked that way.

The other bad Bill, Bill Maher, faced all kinds of side eyes and outrage when he used his venomous tongue to call himself a “house nigger” during a segment on his Real Time show. Maher never really surprises us with his recklessness, but this time, we were like ... oh, hell naw!


Check out this week’s episode of Judge of Characters, a digital show that passes judgment on pop culture through the lens of black Twitter.

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