Aunt Jemima logo Ā Ā 
Quaker Oats Co.

Two men claiming to be relatives of Anna Short Harringtonā€”the woman whose face and overall likeness was used to create the character and logoĀ Aunt Jemima,Ā the most iconic face in pancakesā€”had filed a class action lawsuit seeking $2 billion plus punitive damages.

Last week a judge tossed the case, noting that the two menā€”D.W. Hunter and Larnell Evans Jr., both of whom claimed to be Harringtonā€™s great-grandsonsā€”came to court with little more than a story about the woman and a photo that they now claim to be unable to find.

According to TMZ, ā€œHunter told the judge his grandmother once gave him a photo of Harringtonā€”a photo he no longer hasā€”and claimed that proved his relation.ā€

The men claimed that they were bringing the lawsuit against PepsiCo Inc., Quaker Oats, Pinnacle Foods and Hillshire Brands Co. on behalf of the Harrington family, who, they claimed, hadnā€™t received their fair share for Harringtonā€™s work not only as the face of the brand but also playing the actual character from 1935 until the late 1950s.

Once the men couldnā€™t prove that they were related to Harrington, it didnā€™t take long for the judge to dismiss the case.Ā 


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