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A Pennsylvania judge compared sexually explicit photos of a woman who was involved with an underage student to “dangling candy” and sentenced the 35-year-old wife and former teacher to just 30 days in prison, the Huffington Post reports. According to the report, the former teacher pleaded guilty last year to sexual assault and spreading sexually explicit materials, which could have gotten her up to a 14-year sentence, HuffPost notes.

“What young man would not jump on that candy?” Judge Garrett D. Page said during a sentencing hearing last Friday, comparing it to “dangling candy” in front of the victim, the site notes.

Erica Ann Ginnetti was arrested in January 2014 after police were tipped off about photos and videos of the former teacher that the victim had shown to his classmates. Images included the older woman wearing a bikini, just underwear or a thong. One incriminating video showed her disrobing in a “sexually charged manner,” the site notes.

The two also had sex in her car in an industrial park and remained in frequent contact afterward, according to the site.

In addition to serving the 30-day sentence, Ginnetti will have to register as a sex offender. “I don’t believe you’re a bad human being,” Page told Ginnetti, according to HuffPost. “You did a bad act. So I have to punish you.”

Ginnetti, according to the report, is currently working on her relationship with her husband and three children. She has found a new job as a fitness instructor at a gym. She told the court that she now volunteers at her church.


As for the teen victim, his grades reportedly dropped after the statutory rape and he still has some problems involving social interactions, Assistant District Attorney Sophia Polites pointed out.

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