Judge: AKAs Tampered With Witnesses in Howard Case

Members of Howard University's AKA chapter in 2010 (YouTube)

The Washington City Paper is reporting on a development in the case of two Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority hopefuls' lawsuit against the organization and Howard University. In it, they allege that AKA wouldn't honor their legacy status and refused to admit them, in part because they refused to be hazed. (Read The Root's previous coverage of seniors Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield's claims here and here.)

The latest: The judge assigned to the case has now chastised the sorority for what she says is "deplorable" tampering with potential witnesses:

… Alpha Kappa Alpha apparently took the complaint seriously enough that it decided to cancel sorority privileges for both Compton's and Cofield's mothers. The note spooked potential witnesses, according to the plaintiffs, and convinced Compton's mother not to attend a hearing.

In an opinion released Thursday, Judge Rosemary Collyer slammed the tampering as "deplorable" and "supercilious." Collyer decided not to sanction the sorority for the tampering, but that didn't depress their outspoken attorney, J. Wyndal Gordon.


Read more at the Washington City Paper.

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