Joy-Ann Reid: Everything About Donald Trump Is a Con

Joy-Ann Reid sees Donald Trump in very clear and simple terms: a con man.

Trump, as Reid explains in her op-ed video with The Root, is a con man with a track record of screwing over people with his various failed business deals who ended up convincing enough Americans that his mediocrity, masked as entrepreneurial success, would trickle down to them too.


Of course, this was never Trump’s intent. In her new book The Man Who Sold America: The Unraveling of the American Story, Reid explores Trump’s political rise and how he has undone much of what we have been taught America is. Long gone are the days of the United States being an unshakable democracy whose institutions can’t be corrupted or bought. The White House is a Kleptocracy, the Republican Party functions as his boardroom and many of the federal judges care more about administering hyper-conservative ideology than following the rule of law.

“Donald Trump wants to be an autocrat,” Reid says in her op-ed. “He’s trying really hard. An autocrat is basically a president for whom the law does not apply. It is an individual who is above the law. And that person can be elected (she uses quotes) “elected” into office. He wants to stay in power for life.”


Check out the rest of the op-ed above.

Terrell Jermaine Starr is a senior reporter at The Root. He is currently writing a book proposal that analyzes US-Russia relations from a black perspective.



She nailed it in her assessment of him. However, he represents what and who the leaders of this country have always been since it was stolen.

It was exceptional before they arrived with clean air, water, ample sustenance and shelter for everyone, etc., and not ever to be so again after they infested it.

He is just continuing what his ancestors started. When they came here and moved “savages” off their land, stole their children, and kidnapped other people to work this country, they were liars, con men, murderers, rapists, racists, thieves, Christians, etc. It is more instant that we know this now, but it has always been so, and the rest of the world has been either stupid or disingenuous in acknowledging what a true shithole the United States is.