Jonah Goldberg Likes Colorblindness. Sort of.

Adam Serwer posted this over on The American Prospect. Apparently, Jonah Goldberg of Real Clear Politics has a colorblindness thing.

Jonah Goldberg, January 13, 2010:

No politicians in either party are calling for Jim Crow-style segregation or anything remotely like that. Instead, we have one party that, for the most part, says it wants special benefits for blacks and certain other minorities in order to compensate for past discrimination, and another party that, for the most part, wants to live up to the colorblind ideal found in the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s poetry about judging people by the content of their character. Both points of view are well intentioned. But only the Democratic position gets lacquered with a thick coating of self-serving sanctimony and the benefit of the doubt from the media.

Jonah Goldberg, January 4, 2010:

It's a bit like this argument that we can't profile young Muslim men from certain regions because al-Qaeda will simply switch to Norwegian grandmothers. Well, no one ever said that profiling requires abandoning other techniques. And, more to the point, if it's that easy for al-Qaeda to field terrorists that "look like America," why haven't they done so? Sure, there have been one or two outliers — a woman here, a white guy there — but if you're hunting for suicide bombers it would still pay to look disproportionately for young men from the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa.

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