John Wall Allegedly Flew in an IG Model Who Chronicled Her Trip and This Really Explains the Wizards' Season

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The Washington Wizards are having quite the start to their year. First, they traded everyone whom star point guard John Wall didn’t like (which was mainly center Marcin Gortat) and brought in an aging and ineffective Dwight Howard. Shortly after the season began, Howard went out with a butt injury, then rumors began swirling that Howard was involved with and reportedly threatening a gay man whom he’d had an alleged relationship with.


That whole series of allegations was so messy that even The Grapevine, The Root’s designated area for delving into all the tea, refused to touch it. There have been rumors that the entire organization is on the trading block including the parking attendants, concession worker, and ticket takers. Despite playing in the lowly Eastern Conference, the Wizards are 10-14 and currently ninth in THE EASTERN CONFERENCE having moved up from 11th!

And John Wall, who came into this year looking like a drunken uncle version of his old self, reportedly paid to import Instagram’s finest. I usually don’t wade in these waters, but when I do, I make sure to really get in there.

According to Sports Gossip, Wall invited IG model Mookie May (who also goes by the names “Snow Bunny” and “Foreign White”) to enjoy the spoils of his riches and mediocre ass record with the deplorable Wizards. She chronicled the whole experience on her IG because truthfully, what is an experience if it isn’t recorded and shared with all of your followers?!

Here’s the thing: there is no concrete proof that Wall flew Snow White out. But there is a video of her partying at D.C.’s newest nightspot, Saint Yves, and there is also video of Wall at the same spot doing the whole “look at how much money I didn’t spend on half of these comped bottles of expensive liquors to stunt on all y’all broke niggas” thing that young athletes do.

Here’s Mookie May:


Here is Mookie May in the bathroom before the game (or maybe it was after,) modeling her Fashion Nova wears:


You can see Mookie May’s whole adventure here.

It isn’t that Wall may or may not have flown out an Mookie White Bunny to share in the spoils of his moderately overweight season, it’s that he was actually out partying during his moderately overweight season. It’s that an IG model can claim that she came to town on his dime during arguably the worst Wizards season in recent memory. With the exception of maybe four teams—Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics—the East is the J.V. league of the NBA and the Wizards are 9th. What is there to party about?


Oh, and the whole team lightweight hates this bama. Former center Marcin Gortat hated Wall so much that the Wizards traded him to make Wall happy. When word got out that Walls was allegedly screaming at players during an intense practice, the Wizards’ other star guard, Bradley Beal, noted that this is what he’s been dealing with the past seven seasons.


The IG model fly-in has become the other sport for professional athletes when not on the court. Sliding in DMs during the season and sometimes getting exposed for reportedly sliding in DMs is all the rage these days but it would be nice if players actually took care of business on the court before running pick and rolls off it.

Unless the Wizards start winning, I want Murda Mookie to continue wearing her clunky dad shoes to all the games. And I will continue to look for Wall standing on a nightclub’s leather furniture waiting for his sparkly bottles to arrive.

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Maybe they need to draft Mookie. (Even her casual looks look like the makeup took 4 hrs. Perhaps she’ll bring some much needed professionalism.)

“But there is a video of her partying at D.C. newest night spot, Saint Yves...”

You get a free apricot face scrub there, right?