Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Are Engaged, Setting Up More Spinoffs in the Love & Hip Hop Cinematic Universe

(L-R): Joe Budden & Cyn Santana on Vh1's Love & Hip Hop
(L-R): Joe Budden & Cyn Santana on Vh1's Love & Hip Hop
Screenshot: Vh1 (YouTube)

Rejoice! Another set of birds are getting betrothed!

It’s official, Joe Budden got down on one knee and proposed to Cyn Santana (real name: Cynthia Pacheco), his girlfriend and mother of his youngest son, Lexington Budden. The State of the Culture host presented her with a pump-pump-pump-pumped up diamond.


Before asking Cyn the ultimate question, Joe said, “You asked me if you were in the best relationship that I’ve been in. I’m here to ask you the same thing. Is this the best relationship you’ve ever been in? Prove it to me,” according to Billboard.

Cyn responded with, “I want to spend this life and the next life with you,” before going peak New York and demanding he put that fucking ring on, yo.

Joe posted a pic of that moment Wednesday night, stating, “She. Said. Yes. Thank you God.”

Cyn took to her Instagram to post a video of her lip-synching to the national anthem of bad bitches with rings, Beyoncé’s Love On Top.


This is definitely the next chapter in the Love & Hip Hop cinematic universe. Joe and Cyn both appeared in the New York world of the popular reality show franchise. Joe was originally ensconced in a back-and-forth tango with Tahiry (who memorably turned down his proposal in Times Square), while Cyn was slobbing down Erica Mena in a bubblebath (said in the tune of Maya Rudolph, of course).


Future sequels shall include:

Love & Hip Hop: Age of Instagram 

Love & Hip Hop: Infiniti Q50

Love & Hip Hop: Karen Civil War

Love & Hip Hop: Homegoing

Love & Hip Hop: Into The State Of The Culture Verse

Love & Hip Hop: The Winter Fashion Nova Collection

(Thanos is Mona Scott Young.)

You’re welcome, Vh1.

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You would think he wouldn’t do proposals in public places after being turned down once.