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On the campaign trail, candidates makes mistakes, but Vice President Joe Biden has made so many that the media have begun floating the idea that he may need replacing. Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart tackles this notion and the rumor that Hillary Clinton may have been offered Biden's position, characterizing both as highly improbable.

Clinton spokesman Phillipe Reines is used to the ceaseless daydreaming of reporters, agitators and instigators who would love nothing more than to cover such drama. But, as Alexander Burns at Politico notes, Reines's response might be "the best Clinton-for-VP denial ever."

Biden has been an asset to Obama and to the administration. He goes where the president can't (figuratively and literally). He has that chummy nature that folks (and reporters) say is essential for politicians. More importantly, he has the foreign policy and Capitol Hill experience that have served this president well.

Read Jonathan Capehart's entire piece at the Washington Post.

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