Job Lead: Associate Medical Director


Amerigroup is searching for a full-time associate medical director in its health-care sector. The position is based in New York City. Some responsibilities include:

*Responsible and accountable to the Chief Medical Director for helping to manage health plan medical costs and assuring appropriate health care delivery for AMERIGROUP health plans, products and services. Reports organizationally to the Chief Medical Director of the Health Plan; has a dotted line relationship to the Chief Medical Officer.

*Plans, organizes, and directs the professional medical services program, consisting of all primary and specialty services for in-patient, out-patient, preventive and wellness programs.

*Designs and implements health plan medical policies, goals and objectives.

*Provides professional leadership and direction to the functions within the Medical Management Department (Utilization/Cost Management and Clinical Quality Management).

*Responsible for and assists with the development of budgets, staffing plans and medical loss ratio projections, assuring the adequate allocation of resources to the medical management functions.

*Responsible and accountable for implementing the Utilization/Cost Management Program and Clinical Quality Improvement Program.

*Assists the Chief Medical Director with activities to promote positive community relations.

More qualifications and certification requirements are listed here. See this listing and other opportunities on The Root's jobs section.

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