Columnist Ezra Klein of the Washington Post is reporting that GOP spending cuts would cost America 700,000 jobs. He calls out the GOP in general and House Minority Leader John Boehner in particular — who label everything from health care to the stimulus bill as "job-killing" measures, yet fail to acknowledge the role that the GOP is playing in continued and dire joblessness. Klein writes:

Goldman Sachs and Mark Zandi both predict their spending cuts will have a sharp and brutal impact on job creation and economic growth (John Taylor, it should be noted, disagrees). Across the pond, England's sluggish, shrinking economy isn't giving advocates of austerity much support for their proposals. And the GOP's plans don't even have the benefit of consistency: their efforts to cut taxes and repeal the health-reform law would add vastly more to the deficit than their proposed spending cuts would remove.


Is that Cameo we hear playing in the background? It certainly sounds as if GOP leaders are talking out the sides of their neck. The question is, will America be able to hear it?

Read more at the Washington Post.

In other news: British Airways Employee Convicted of Bomb Plot.


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