Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan, the New Yorker who grew to fame as the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High party, is set to run against current New York Mayor Bill de Blasio next year, the New York Daily News reports.

"I'm putting my hat in the race to become the 110th Mayor of NYC early," McMillan said in a text blast to announce his candidacy. "We will win. Mayor Bill de Blasio don't know what he's doing. For sure the Rent is going DOWN."

According to the Daily News, running on a rent platform, McMillan has tried unsuccessfully to win elections for mayor, governor and other offices. He rose to fame after a debate during the 2010 New York governor's race, which was televised, showcased his sole declaration that New York rent was "too damn high."

"This mayor is screwing up," he told the Daily News. "Affordable housing was just a scam. He knew he couldn't do nothing. De Blasio can't help the people. He's a regular basic Democrat … working for the establishment that has no plans to help the people of New York."


In January, McMillan endorsed Donald Trump's presidential bid and claims that he was inspired to run for office after learning of Prince's death.

"No one's addressing the real problem to help people. People can't afford to pay their rent," he told the Daily News. "Running for mayor, I can show them all how to reduce the cost of living."


The long-shot candidate told the Daily News that he will have no trouble beating the incumbent mayor.

"Easy. Easy. I'll beat him blindfolded. All I have to do is step up and say the rent is too damn high," he said.


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