A recent issue of Jet magazine

Jet magazine will be bidding farewell to the newsstand, for the most part, moving forward with plans to transition into a digital magazine—available as an app—at the end of June, Johnson Publishing Co. announced Wednesday.

The black magazine, founded in the early 1950s as a popular news source for black people to get information about their community, has ranked among the top three African-American magazines throughout its existence.


Jet magazine says the new weekly digital-magazine app will harness the power of multimedia, telling stories using video interviews, enhanced digital maps, 3D charts and, of course, photography—along with its daily breaking news. The app will be available across all devices and platforms.

The magazine is not completely leaving the print space, however, and will produce a special print edition once a year.

"Almost 63 years ago, my father, John Johnson, named the publication Jet because, as he said in the first issue, 'In the world today, everything is moving faster. There is more news and far less time to read it,' " Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of Johnson Publishing, stated in a press release. "He could not have spoken more relevant words today. We are not saying goodbye to Jet, we are embracing the future as my father did in 1951 and taking it to the next level."

"The Jet magazine online presence is continuing to grow, and JPC feels strongly we can provide great and timely content to our readers with the first weekly digital magazine app in the African-American space," said Desiree Rogers, CEO of Johnson Publishing.

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