Jesse Jackson Jr. Embroiled in Cheating Scandal

Jesse Jackson Jr., who has managed to maintain a relatively squeaky-clean image over the years, has become embroiled in a cheating scandal. New reports have surfaced that the congressman was involved directly in efforts to trade millions of dollars in campaign funds for the vacated Obama Senate seat. The allegations also include damaging implications of an affair with a blond Washington, D.C., restaurant hostess. Jackson has not been charged with a crime and has previously asked for privacy about a "personal matter" that he and his wife have resolved. The man who had been able to create a political identity separate from that of his famous father has stepped in it for real. It's clear that someone doesn't want Jackson Jr. running for mayor of Chicago. It is also clear that Jackson Jr. has made a bed in which he will surely have to lie — lie being the operative word. Truly disappointing. 

Read more at ABC News.


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