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Jennifer Hudson to Write Weight-Loss Book

Jennifer Hudson is writing about her weight-loss journey. (Getty)
Jennifer Hudson is writing about her weight-loss journey. (Getty)

MSN is reporting that singer-actress Jennifer Hudson will write a tell-all chronicling her weight-loss journey. After dropping nearly 80 pounds to date, the entertainer will take time to write the book, which is scheduled for release in January 2012.


According to a press release from the book's publishing company, Dutton, on, "the book … will chronicle Hudson's experience growing up in an environment where healthy living was not a priority, to dealing with talk of her weight as she competed on American Idol and won her first Oscar, to her eventual decision to get healthy after the birth of her son (David, 22 months) and her success losing weight with the help of Weight Watchers."

We're not trying to hate on Hudson, because she looks amazing, and healthy living should always be applauded, but we've heard this story before. Her public relations team has been doing a great job getting it out there. We're just not sure how the book will differ from the information that is already available and has been shared on numerous media outlets.


There's so much that we don't know about Hudson that could be potentially more interesting. Nonetheless, a little inspiration never hurt anyone.

Read more at MSN.

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