Jemele Hill, Spotify Developing Podcast Network to Amplify Black Women: 'Content That Is Unique to Them Is a Priority'

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During a recent interview with Bloomberg, multi-hyphenate Jemele Hill opined on the media’s response to social justice protests this past summer, her journey as a podcaster and television personality, and future plans for her burgeoning media empire.


As we reported here at The Root, that includes comedy New Money receiving the green light from Showtime, but as Hill told Bloomberg, that also includes extending opportunities to other Black women throughout the digital diaspora.

“Spotify and I are collaborating on a larger network that would appeal to audiences that are underserved. One is Black women in particular,” she said. “It’s been important to me as a Black woman in the commentary and opinion space.

“It’s important now, as we’ve seen Black women become a political force. We now have our first vice president—first Black and South Asian. It’s an extraordinary time for Black women, and content that is unique to them and appeals to them is a priority.”

As it should be.

When asked what type of content we should expect from this endeavor, the Jemele Hill is Unbothered host expressed the importance of leaning into Black women’s unique experiences.

“It’s very important to amplify and strengthen voices of Black women. There are also unique problems and situations and issues that Black women face that are different than what White women face or Asian women face. If you look at the maternal death rates of Black women, it’s extraordinary. It looks as bad now as it did in the 1950s.”

With Jemele’s revelation, she’ll be following in the footsteps of other media personalities like Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God who have launched their own podcast networks—The Joe Budden Network and The Black Effect, respectively—to amplify and elevate other talented Black creatives. But while Budden and Charlamagne’s networks have made it a point to put Black women at the forefront, Hill will ensure that Black women comprise the entire machine.


As more details on Hill’s endeavor become available, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop here at The Root.

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