Jay-Z Is More Interesting as a Mogul Than as a Rapper

Jay-Z (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Jay-Z (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The Root DC's Clinton Yates says that he can't wait to see what Shawn Carter puts his mind to when he finally sets the mic down for good.

As a lifelong hip-hop fan, there are certain things that come with having been born in the 80s, being a kid in the 90s and as they say, partying in the 2000s. One of those things is that the popularity, commercialization and aging of the genre has effectively paralleled your life.

And at this stage of my life, I'd rather not hear Jay-Z rap anymore.

That's why I'm happy to see that his latest venture, Roc Nation Sports is one that will allow him to feed his desire to stay in the public eye, without pushing out a guest verse or side album every couple of months.

As an artist, Shawn Carter will always be one of the most dynamic to ever do it. For my money, The Black Album is one of the best ever made. But as he's branched out, it's become obvious that his personality seems to shine most when he's doing anything other than rapping. In short, Jay is more interesting as a mogul than as an artist.


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