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Jagged Edge Is Releasing a New Album Soon. Here's What I Think Each Song Is About Based on Its Title

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Jagged Edge A Jagged Love Story

Jagged Edge, easily one of the greatest R&B groups of all time—baby, baby baby, it’s actual and it’s factual—is releasing a new album, A Jagged Love Story, soon. Each member of the group has posted both the album’s cover art and track-listing on their respective IG feeds, noting that the album has been submitted to all platforms and will formally release, presumably, in the coming days. I don’t think I have to tell you that I’m super-excited about this new album. I mean, I’m excited about all new Jagged Edge albums, because they’re all good. I’ve written about the group here, here, here and here—the love is real.

This new album has 31 songs, which used to be an ungodly amount of records to release on one project. Artists nowadays, however, are releasing albums to streaming platforms with 30+ songs at a pretty regular clip, largely to game the system—the more songs you have to stream the more streaming numbers you get; re-issuing albums as “deluxe” versions is another new-age game-the-system tactic. It turns out that Master P, with his No Limit releases with bloated track-lists, was a visionary in this regard.

Back to Jagged Edge. Much like everybody else in the world, I’m patiently waiting for the sonic goodness that is sure to come with this new record. I’m aware that many critics of JE feel like they have one formula and repeat it, ad nauseam. My counter to that is this: they might have a formula, but what a formula it is. That means I’ll get 31 of the same awesome song over and over. How is this a loss? It’s not. Well, because I like to write about things that I think about when I’m thinking about them, I decided to write about what I think all 31 songs are about, based on the song titles, some of which are truly interesting. Remember, the album is titled A Jagged Love Story. Also, I haven’t heard the album so this is all speculation.

Image for article titled Jagged Edge Is Releasing a New Album Soon. Here's What I Think Each Song Is About Based on Its Title
Screenshot: Jagged Edge A Jagged Love Story

1. “Fallen Out of Love”

We’re starting with past participles. This album is about to be as educational as it will be good. We’re already out of love. We’ve done the hard work of falling out of love, you know where you have to decide if you hate your significant other’s face. Nope, we’re already there.


2. “Bad Bad”

I’m going to invoke some Blackness and assume the first ‘bad’ is really in italics. Like, you know how in the Black community we emphasize how strongly we feel about something by occasionally using the same word twice, but the first time is said with oomph? Like that shit was good good to mean it was really, really good. Or like if something is real real it’s said to prepare you for the realness. In this case, I’m assuming—given that we’ve fallen out of love already—that it’s really bad bad around here. Also, because I don’t actually expect this album to follow any real storyline, the women they’re talking about could also be bad bad, which just means the hottest thing on two legs or whatever transportation system she’s using when the JE chaps are speaking of her in the moment.


3. “Genie”

Guessing this is about asking a genie for certain attributes. Or maybe wishing for a long matrimonial life. Either way, I’m pretty sure this song will include the word “wish” at some point. Ray J also has a song where he mentions a genie, that could have also worked just as well had it been called “Genie” but was much better being called “One Wish” where he asked for as many as 14 wishes; I hope JE understands how genies work on their song.


4. “Weaker”

SWV already made “Weak” so they’re taking it a step further.

5. “How To Fix It”

They broke something, so they are going to outline how to fix it. The “it” is presumably their relationship. But it could also be a clock, a car, a heart or even a cracked iPhone. The possibilities are endless.


6. “Decided”

I feel like this is the song about the ever-present push and pull of asking your significant other what they want to eat for dinner.


7. “Glitchin”

Upgrading your phone’s operating system doesn’t always make it better immediately. Wrote a song about it, like to hear it; here it go.


8. “Independent Lady”

If this doesn’t feature Lil Webbie we all lose.

9. “Exit Wounds”

A song about the DMX movie Exit Wounds. Wild card. I like it. I also have feelings about this movie.


10. “If You Let Me”

Consent jam. It is 2020 after all.

11. “Long Haul”

Cross country love jam about a trailer on the back of the car.

12. “Wind Mill”

Since Keith Sweat already has “Merry Go Round,” JE, after watching (or reading) The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind was like, “windmill.” The song might also double as an alternative energy source advocacy jam.


13. “I Wanna”

I’ll bet you do, bucko. Go back and listen to “If You Let Me”.

14. “Can’t Help It”

If this is a remake of the Michael Jackson classic “I Can’t Help It,” I’m here for it.


15. “I’ll Do It”

After you have kids, you both stall each other out trying not to do something that needs to be done; this is the song about what that feels like when you are always the one deciding to do it. Relatable content here.


16. “Can’t Stand The Thought”

Since “the rain” has been done, not being able to stand the thought is the logical next stop.


17. “Luh U”

I really want to know why this song utilizes the “h” instead of the “v” or even spelling it “love” like… “love.” If this song doesn’t answer those questions I will be unhappy while still jamming on the 1.


18. “Stay Here Tonight”

This is probably one of those paradigm shift songs where the woman decides to roll out after smashing and JE is like, baby won’t you please stay, for a little while.


19. “Exclusive”

This ain’t for everybody. It’s an exclusive. Much like their love, which either does or doesn’t exist, exclusively.


20. “If I Ever Fall In Love”

The mixed messages are really all over the place. Also, I’m here for a remake of the Shai classic, the acapella version.


21. “Cuffs”

Social justice anti-police brutality jam.

22. “Karma”

Look at JE getting all political. This is for the white folks who act like racism isn’t a thing.


23. “Stop Light”

A response record to John Legend and Andre 3000’s “Green Light.” R&B Beef jams.

24. “Here Goes My Number”

This song is asking for an old school kind of love. Instead of communicating through social media, giving somebody your number is a big deal. This is asking for a big deal kind of love.


25. “Math”

This is the social distance learning teacher jam.

26. “Juice”

This is the social distance learning snack jam.

27. “Closest Thing to Perfect”

This has to be a gospel song, right?

28. “Along For The Ride”

Robbery jam.

29. “Joy From Pain”

More Black, civil rights content. Who knew JE had so much social justice in their spirits.


30. “Seasons Of Us”

Response record to Boyz II Men’s “4 Seasons of Loneliness.” More R&Beef.

31. “What Can I Do”

Listen to this album.

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