Chris Maddaloni/CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images
Chris Maddaloni/CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images

Anthony Williams, a well-known minister who's hoping to win Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Congressional seat in November, and who has said the district can no longer afford to have an absentee congressman, how has a message for Jackson. It's "campaign or resign," the Alton Daily News reports. 

An opponent of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (pictured) in this fall's election called for the congressman's resignation on Monday, saying Jackson is unfit to serve the district. Anthony W. Williams says Jackson should either campaign or resign.  Williams complained Jackson is out of touch and outright absent from the district.

He says that absence began well before Jackson began his June 10th health leave.  Jackson Jr. has reportedly been treated for bi-polar disorder and intestinal issues.  The Chicago Democrat went on medical leave in July. 


Last week, the Washington Post reported that Jackson had returned to his home in Washington, D.C. and that staffers could not say when he would return to his official duties.  In a text message, Jackson's wife, Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson, suggested that the Congressman would be waiting for medical approval rather than political pressure, to return to his duties. “He’s hanging in there," She wrote. Gonna be home under his doctor’s care until further notice. Won’t be back to work until the doctors give the green light.”

Read more at the Washington Post and the Alton Daily News.

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