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A few days after the resignation of Jackie magazine's editor-in-chief, Eva Hoeke, who approved an article that called pop star Rihanna an "ultimate niggabitch," publisher Yves Gjirath said he didn't think the article was that bad.

"There is nothing wrong in the magazine," he said in a statement. "Hoeke presented the offensive article as a joke, but it most certainly was not a joke. It was an interpretation of a fashion style … She should have said: 'we did not realize this interpretation is such a touchy subject. We never meant any harm and offer our sincere and upright apologies.'"


Hoeke, who described the term as an American term, said she was describing a way of dress. The singer blasted the magazine on Twitter.

Gjirath said there will not be a retraction in the next issue.

In the end, when have the words "ultimate niggabitch" ever been a popular pop-culture reference or even slang? Never. The article also referenced Jamaica and "ghetto asses"; what can you really expect from a magazine like this?

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