Ivanka Trump Dancing With Her Sons Might be the Worst Thing on the Internet

 Paul Morigi/Getty Images
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Look, the video is cute. We get it. No matter how deplorable Ivanka Trump, aka Lil’ Trumpet, is, she’s still a mom, and a mom dancing with her sons after “work” is cute. But make no mistake: This is 100 percent staged cuteness. Like the thirst traps that video models set on Instagram, this is promotional material. Lil’ Trumpet is no better than the scantily clad women who pose holding flat-tummy tea.


Lil’ Trumpet has a book out about being a working mom, so this little “captured moment” was done and posted for one reason: to promote that dumb-ass book.

The caption makes it appear as if this were a repost of a captured moment, except this little video was never posted to her Instagram. Maybe she did take it ages ago, and that’s cool, but read the entire caption. This was all about “Look at how regular I am and I still find time to dance with my babies”—and also check out an article about my new book!

It’s disrespectful to real working moms: Moms who have to find sitters when the school is closed. Moms who have to decide whether they can catch the bus to work or give their child money for school lunch. Moms who can’t afford sitters, so they have to drag their kids to their jobs. Moms who are standing on the front lines to increase the minimum wage so that it can actually be a livable wage. Moms who actually work, because to this day, no one—including her dumb-ass father—knows what the hell it is that Lil’ Trumpet does.

Seriously, if anyone knows what makes her a “working mom,” when her entire life was handed to her, please fill me in. At this point, her life, her “job,” her trying to position herself as a “working mom,” is the same bullshit that this administration has been trying to shovel down our throats from the beginning. This shifting narrative to make Ivanka Trump an everyday woman of the people is total bullshit. She is the daughter of a tyrant who does tyrant-daughter shit—you know, stroll around the palace and eat grapes and order the deaths of people and stuff.

There has to be a limit to the levels that this administration will stoop to, but so far we haven’t seen it. What’s worse than pushing your kids on your IG page to sell your dumb-ass book is you acting as if you’re a real working mom. It’s disrespectful, and I am offended as the son of a mom who worked tirelessly to raise three kids. It’s sickening.

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Question: Can Ivanka be a working mother if she doesn’t understand what work really is? (as evidenced by both her book and everything that comes out of her mouth)