It’s On Now: Jeff Sessions to Testify in Public Hearing Tuesday

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Attorney General Jeff “I Hate Weed” Sessions will testify in a public hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday afternoon.


But before we get too excited, remember that Sessions is a liar who met with Russians and completely forgot that he met with Russians during his confirmation hearing for attorney general. He also fake-recused himself from the Russian investigation, only to be totally involved in the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the chief investigator of all things related to Russia-Trump collusion.

“[Sessions] believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him and looks forward to answering the committee’s questions tomorrow,” a Justice Department spokesperson told CNN.


The news comes after Comey’s blistering testimony and closed-session hearing with the intelligence committee, in which Comey noted that Sessions had a third, undisclosed interaction with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., people familiar with the briefing told CNN.

Hopefully he won’t say that he’s unable to answer questions in a public setting, like those before him. But a statement that Sessions released hints that he may be ready to talk.

“In light of reports regarding Mr. Comey’s testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, it is important that I have an opportunity to address these matters in the appropriate forum,” Sessions wrote over the weekend.

But Sessions is also a liar, and like my grandfather once told me, never trust anyone who openly protests against marijuana.


Read more at CNN.

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Given that Congress controls both houses, they are more than willing to make excuses and defend Trump, and our heavily gerrymandered House, what’s the end-game?

So, Sessions testifies that he misspoke, misremembered, didn’t recall, the conversations weren’t material, etc. He’ll remember very few details of who else was there, who knew what, etc. Sure, he’ll contradict his confirmation testimony, and it will be obvious that he’s lying, but it won’t be enough for a perjury charge. At worst it makes him look bad. What next?

The only way Republicans will impeach is if Trump is significantly dragging down the party. So far, he’s not. Sure there were some close races, but given how gerrymandered and polarized our country is, it’s not enough to cause any real alarm- there’s almost no chance of losing the house and senate. Besides, we’ll have to maintain this level of outrage for a full year. Americans don’t have that sort of attention span, especially given that Trump is essentially doing everything in his power to distract them from this.