Embattled Israeli soldier Eden Abergil

Apparently, posing next to bound Palestinian detainees and posting the photos on Facebook is no big deal — that is according to Eden Abergil, the Israeli soldier who did the deed. The Israeli military is not laughing, condemning the photos that appeared in Abergil's Facebook photo album entitled, "The Best Years of My Life," and then in Israeli newspapers. Abergil said the photographs, which she has since removed from her Facebook page, were not intended to make a political statement or demonstrate contempt for Palestinians. "It was solely to show the experience of military service," she said. Uh-huh. The Palestinian Government Media Center described the pictures as indicative of "the mentality of the occupier, to be proud of humiliating Palestinians." Whatever her intentions, Abergil has clearly started something. For some reason the word Armageddon, followed closely by simpleton, comes to mind.

Read more at Reuters.

—Nsenga K. Burton


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