Is Trump Trying Deport Melania? Trevor Noah Thinks So

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Maybe we’ve been viewing this thing all wrong. Maybe this whole time, while most of us who didn’t vote for Donald Trump—you know, the group of us that still believe that Jamie Foxx is more talented than Donald Glover (this is not debatable); the lot of us that believe that sugar only belongs on cereal and not grits and definitely not spaghetti—were convinced that Trump’s immigration policies were solely targeting Latinx people because he’s racist. Maybe we had it all wrong.


On Wednesday, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah made a rather convincing argument that all of Trump’s immigration policies might have been aimed at one immigrant this entire time: Trump’s wife, Melania—or as her mother calls her, Robot Face.

“I’ve started to notice something that’s got me really concerned,” Noah said, the Mercury News reports. “I think Donald Trump might be trying to deport Melania.

“You might be asking, why would he want to deport his wife?” Noah continued. “I don’t know!”

Noah claimed that all of Trump’s hardline immigration policies have been targeting his wife, who hates him and doesn’t even want to hold his hand in public.

Noah explored the rumor that Melania “barely spends any time at the White House.”


Noah added, “It may have even created some tension between them when Trump allegedly banged a porn star and then paid her to be quiet and then the whole country found out about it,” the Mercury News notes.

The South African comedian also pointed out that Melania came to the country on an “Einstein visa,” which is usually reserved for immigrants with “extraordinary ability” and then finessed that shit to bring her whole family over, more commonly called “chain migration,” which Trump vehemently opposes.


“As if this wasn’t enough evidence that Donald Trump is trying to deport his wife, then how do you explain the new policy his administration announced this week?” Noah asked, pointing at a new policy enacted by the Trump administration that would prevent immigrants from obtaining visas if the needed government assistance.

“Well, guess who lives in a free house provided by the United States?” he said. “Melania Motherf—n’ Trump!”


Noah then urged his audience to use the hashtag #DontDeportMelania, “because if this great immigrant is forced to leave this country, then the United States can never truly be best!”

The hashtag trended on Twitter shortly after the episode aired Wednesday. Watch the hilarity unfold below.


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