On the heels of the Republican push to suppress the vote in states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona, writes New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, the GOP has a new plan, gerrymandering. 

Thanks in part to gerrymandering, many states already have — and will continue to have in the near future — Republican-controlled legislatures.

Republican lawmakers in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin are considering whether to abandon the winner-take-all approach to awarding Electoral College votes and replace it with a proportional allocation.

That change would heavily favor Republican presidential candidates — tilting the voting power away from cities and toward rural areas — and make it more likely that the candidate with the fewest votes over all would win a larger share of electoral votes.

One day I will have to visit the evil lair where they come up with these schemes.

Read Charles M. Blow's entire piece at New York Times.

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