Interracial Family: 'We Are the 15 Percent'

Photographer Michael David Murphy; his wife, Alyson; and their daughter (

The bigoted backlash over the insanely adorable Cheerios ad has died down. But photographer Michael David Murphy doesn't want America to forget that mixed love is here to stay, the Huffington Post reports.

In a quest to celebrate interracial families, Murphy and his wife launched We Are the 15 Percent, a blog that features pictures of interracial couples and their children. 

"We're not just reacting to negativity, we're boosting representation, elevating the conversation and hopefully giving context that reaches beyond Madison Avenue. These families exist; we eat breakfast and walk our dogs and love just as hard as families in other cereal commercials," he wrote in email to HuffPost.

The couple behind the site has faced their own share of "sneering" when out in public together. Recently at a park, West was asked if she was her 1-year-old daughter's babysitter. But most of the time, Murphy says they go unnoticed, "just the way [they] like it."


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