Turns out Instagram photos of food aren't all boring, especially when they lead to multiple arrests. Three men and one juvenile have been arrested after they used a stolen credit card to purchase $120 worth of fast food and then posted photos of the feast on Instagram, the New York Daily News reports.

Rocklin, Calif., police Sgt. Scott Horrillo said that the four spent Friday night breaking into cars and stealing GPS units, wallets and other items, the Daily News reports.

After a long night of petty crime, the police claim the suspects stopped at a local Carl's Jr. and used a stolen credit card to purchase copious amounts of food. Two of the young men then styled the haul on the trunk of their 1994 Oldsmobile, took a photo and loaded it to Instagram.

The men asked Carl Jr. employees to join the photo shoot but they declined.

The victim of the credit card theft noticed the large purchase and called the police. Investigators interviewed Carl Jr. employees, who told them that the people eating the large amount of food had been acting suspicious, so the employees had recorded the license plate. An employee told police that the men had posted a photo to the social networking photo site.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the order included five $6 burgers, five orange cream shakes, three barbecue chicken quesadillas, one bacon Swiss chicken sandwich, two double western sandwiches, two fried zucchinis, six orders of cross-cut fries, two teriyaki burgers with added bacon, two barbecue chicken sandwiches with added bacon and five southwest chicken tacos with added sour cream.


Police arrested all four suspects Sunday night as they were leaving a Walgreen's pharmacy, the Daily News reports.

"I don't know if 'stupid' is the right word," Horrillo said, "but I don't think they exercised the best judgment in committing a crime and posting it on Instagram," the Daily News reports.

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