Ind. High School Bans Confederate-Flag Clothing


If students at Lapel High School in Indiana ever wanted to rock their bedazzled Confederate-flag clothing, they’re now out of luck. The school district has banned the racist symbol from clothing after several arguments between students over the last couple of weeks.


“The banning of this symbol isn’t because of the symbol; it’s because of the disruption in school. It could be any symbol or any action, for that matter. If it’s something that’s prohibiting the education environment, interfering with the sanctity of the learning environment, we have to do something,” said Lapel High School Principal Chad Kemerly, Fox 59 reports.

Confederate-flag-loving students flew their racist freak flags at school last week, and that’s when the melee erupted. Of course, there are students who think the flag is a proud part of history and shouldn’t be banned, but they understood the disruption it caused.


“I think it’s kind of gotten out of hand the way it’s at now. I wish it would’ve never gotten to that, and I’m sorry people took it as racism,” said junior Jaden Vanalstyne.

The Confederate-clothing ban has been put into effect indefinitely.

Read more at Fox 59.

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Mortal Dictata

“I wish it would’ve never gotten to that and I’m sorry people took it as racism,”

Yes how could a Battle Flag for a cause defined as “yay slavery of Blacks” be taken as racism.

This level of raw stupidity just hurts the mind.