Immigration: A Big Win for Obama

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

In his Washington Post column, Eugene Robinson says that the Supreme Court struck a blow when it threw out most of Arizona's anti-immigration law and argues that it was much more a victory for the administration than "something for both sides." 

… That's right. It's not a crime for "illegal" immigrants to live and work here without the proper documents. By "here" I mean all 50 states. The United States is one country with one immigration policy, and the Supreme Court means to keep it this way.

That's why analysts who see this as a split ruling with "something for both sides" are wrong. The Obama administration won across the board on its central contention, which is that Arizona was trying to usurp a federal prerogative. This has huge implications for the other states, such as South Carolina and Georgia, that are also trying to design their own immigration policies.

There are political implications as well. Mitt Romney, who is struggling to reduce President Obama's huge lead among Latino voters, once referred to the Arizona law as "a model." Romney reacted to Monday's decision by reiterating that "each state has the duty and the right" to protect the nation's borders.

Actually, no. Romney should read the ruling.

Read Eugene Robinson's entire column at the Washington Post.

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