IHOP Customer Called the N-Word on Receipt Receives $10 Gift Card as Apology

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Nineteen-year-old Maya Thomas got a little more than what she bargained for recently when she picked up her to-go order from an IHOP in Grandview, Mo. After Thomas looked at her receipt, she noticed it was labeled “nigga.”


The incident took place in April, according to the Kansas City Star, but what further upset Thomas and her mother was the fact that after complaining to IHOP, they only received a $10 gift card in the mail as an apology.

“I think that’s really what made her mad,” her mother said. “Of all the things you could call someone, you call them that. And then the way you deal with it is by giving them $10?”

According to IHOP President Darren Rebelez, the server’s actions were inexcusable, and he noted that the server was also black. Which makes me think, maybe if the server had been white, Thomas would have received a $20 gift card?

“IHOP and its franchisees do not and will not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of any kind,” Rebelez told the Kansas City Star.

In the end, the server was fired, but the Thomas family stated that they were never informed that the server had been fired until talking to the Kansas City Star.



Like it matters if the server is fucking purple. This is a company problem, because it happened inside the walls of the fucking business. The IHOP President trying to shrug off responsibility by saying “aw shucks well the server was black, so...” means nothing. This was an employee of IHOP, on IHOP time, in an IHOP building, using racial slurs toward customers. That the server might have been black doesn’t matter.