If You Didn’t Listen to The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack, Did Christmas Even Happen?

The Preacher’s Wife (1996)
The Preacher’s Wife (1996)
Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. My family always cooked just as much food as they did on Thanksgiving, but I got presents as a bonus. Win-win.


In my excitement, I was always first in line to help put up the Christmas tree and decorations for the year. Of course, once I was old enough, “help” turned into “solely.” And I was completely fine with that.

Like most black-ass chores, background music was a required accompaniment. Due to my holiday enthusiasm, I love churning up Christmas tunes (yes, I’m basically that person who thinks it’s officially time to start playing them right after Halloween). My all-time favorite Christmas song is Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song,” as I grew up with my mom singing it to me. But, if we’re talking about a full album? A complete body of work? That crown goes to The Preacher’s Wife (which debuted in 1996), based off of the sheer strength of Whitney Houston.

A perfectly produced soundtrack by Houston, Babyface, Mervyn Warren, Ricky Minor, Steve Lipson, and David Foster, The Preacher’s Wife makes me feel warm and cuddly. My favorite tracks are “Who Would Imagine a King” (which makes me cry every time I hear it) and “Joy to the World.” Get into the Georgia Mass Choir and Houston’s shoulder shimmy!

Whitney Houston - Joy To The World The Preachers Wife / Buena Vista Pictures (YouTube)

Whether I’m flinging tinsel onto my fake Christmas tree or picking greens for dinner, I need the unmatched sounds of Houston’s voice. Similar to that philosophical tree that falls in a lonely forest, if a household doesn’t hear The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack, did Christmas even happen?

Let’s unpack this, shall we?

December 25, After Listening to The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack

The Christmas spirit shimmies onto your household and blesses you with a perfectly seasoned Christmas dinner. You receive every single present you want, even those new Airpods you wanted in order to fit in with the cool kids even though you’ve only had the older model for a month. All of your prayers are answered. Your snowmen and snow-angels are perfect. You don’t have to take the tree down (the worst and more killjoy chore ever) after New Year’s, the tree just magically turns into biodegradable dust, not unlike the remnants of Michael Jackson’s spin in the “Remember The Time” music video.


December 25, After Not Listening to The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack

Dec. 26 happens twice.

And that’s that on that. See you in 2020.

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Who Would Imagine a King makes me cry too, thought i was the only weirdo with that lol (not calling you a weirdo in reference to myself)