Like plenty of other people, I’ve put together hypothetical battles in my mind: Kanye vs. Pharrell, DJ Quik vs. Daz Dillinger—I’m willing this one into fruition—but Snoop vs. Jay-Z makes so much sense that I’m surprised I didn’t think of that shit too.

“That sounds like the ultimate battle: Snoop Dogg against Jay-Z,” Fat Joe replied. “Now, I don’t know if JAY-Z will do it because he’s kinda like Dr. Dre. Jay-Z, we love him, but Jay-Z [is an] introvert, quiet. But Snoop Dogg [versus] Jay-Z… I’m not taking nothing away 50, but I just know that when your boat down and you gotta swim ashore, it’s a long swim. Snoop Dogg [has] been doing this [for] 25 years.”

“Been swimming since ’92!” Snoop said.

Swizz and Timbaland, the ball’s in your court. Give the people—and Snoop—what we want.