If Lindsey Graham Claims That Systematic Racism Doesn’t Exist, Does It Make a Sound?

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Trump’s favorite ball gag, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, is doing it again, and by “it,” I mean speaking, and if Lindsey Graham is speaking then by default some inherently racist or completely ignorant shit is coming out of his mouth.


On Sunday, Graham argued that systemic racism doesn’t exist in the U.S. because...Barack Obama was president.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Lindsey Graham is what is leftover after a rhino goes out for a night of drinking and then orders a meatball sub from a place he’s never been to before and then gets home and falls asleep in the bathroom.

And you are right. Graham did the thing that white people do when they don’t want to sound racist but end up racisting all over the place. During an appearance on Republican SpankWire, aka Fox News, Graham claimed that former President Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris are proof that systemic racism is not a thing.

“No, not in my opinion,” Graham said. “We just elected a two-term African American president. The vice president is of African-American-Indian descent. So our systems are not racist. America is not a racist country. Within every society, you have bad actors.”

Let’s argue like Lindsey Graham: White people outside of the NBA don’t have a history of being mediocre basketball players because Larry Bird. Black people can’t be poor because Oprah Winfrey. White men don’t have significantly smaller penises, just look at John Holmes!


From HuffPost:

Data demonstrates the existence and effects of systemic racism across scores of laws and institutions in the United States. Racial disparities are ingrained in almost every component of American society, including employment, wealth, education, home ownership, healthcare and incarceration. The elections of Obama and Harris do not change this, though they were a step forward in addressing the historically low representation of Black Americans in political leadership.


HuffPost notes that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), noted that Graham was trying to “tell us that the sky is not blue.”

“It’s as if saying we don’t have poverty issues in this country because we have millionaires and billionaires. I really don’t know what point he was trying to make with that statement,” Omar said. “It’s obvious we have a long way to go in this country if we have lawmakers who are refusing to acknowledge the fact that there is institutionalized racism that is embedded within our systems that we need to actively work in rooting out.”


The real question is if Sen. Lindsey Graham appears on Republican OnlyFans and says his usual Lindsey Graham shit and I don’t write about it, does it make a sound?

Don’t answer that.

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By that thinking, we can’t have closeted Gay Republican senators because Lyndsey Graham.