Idris Elba Out; Tyler Perry In 'Alex Cross' Film

Tyler Perry to play Alex Cross in new film.
Tyler Perry to play Alex Cross in new film.

The Internet is buzzing with news that Idris Elba has been pushed out of the latest "Alex Cross" film, a role originated by Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman in the films Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider, for Tyler Perry. Come again? Yes, the Golden Globe-nominated actor, with an international following, is being replaced by gun-toting Madea in the thriller I, Alex Cross.


It would be hard for any actor to fill the shoes of Morgan Freeman, but Elba seems like a better fit based on his body of work as an actor. Perry has appeared as an actor in only one film that he hasn't directed: J.J. Abram's Star Trek. Filmmakers are clearly betting on Perry bringing his "built-in" audience with him. That's a huge risk, since many Perry followers are identified as "Christians" who may not want to see a violent, secular film.

What's crazy is that in addition to his body of work, Elba's critically acclaimed performances in the BBC miniseries Luther, HBO's The Wire and in the recent film The Losers suggest that he would be the better fit for the role. This might have been the platform Elba needed to get closer to the coveted 007 role currently being held down by Daniel Craig. Producers are rumored to be looking for someone of color for the next installment of James Bond.

Perry always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Some would say he's highly favored. We say he's definitely strategic. We'll reserve judgment on what Perry will do with the role, but not on the insanity of replacing Idris Elba — a proven actor who's known for his ability to play a range of characters — with Perry. It's definitely a risk, on multiple levels.

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