Idaho Wants to Pass Bill Making It Illegal for Schools to Teach About America’s Racist Past or Present

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You know what white people hate more than Seinfeld’s ending? Admitting that America was and still is racist AF.


So Idaho—which, let me say here and now that I’m not into sexual shaming, and I don’t know Ida or whether or not they are a ho, but they are definitely on some ho shit—wants to introduce a bill that would ban the teaching of critical race theory and other similar lessons, and all they are waiting on is Gov. Brad Little’s signature.

From Business Insider

The bill, HB 377, passed in the state’s senate on Monday after passing through the house last week. It would prohibit public schools from teaching that “any sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior,” which it says can be found in critical race theory.

The bill also bans teachings that argue that people should be treated differently based on things like race or gender and that people are not responsible for past actions committed by people who share their same demographics.

Business Insider notes that “critical race theory” is a fancy term for recognizing the role that slavery and segregation played in to Black folks’ current situation. But some GOP lawmakers and all of Idaho feel like discussing racism teaches white kids to “hate their country.”

But as The Who tried to tell motherfuckers, the kids are alright.

Idaho students told Idaho lawmakers that discussing racism doesn’t teach them to hate their country; it actually allows them to understand how fucked up America used to (and still can) be.

“Make no mistake, this is self-awareness,” Yvonne Shen, 13, told the Idaho Statesman. “If we aren’t able to recognize our own flaws, we will never be able to progress beyond them.”


You hear that, America? Stop lying about your past and your present and maybe the kids will have a better future.

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Everyone knows America has a racist past. We get it, but you know what? Things got better. They’re not perfect (they never will be), but we are a far cry from where we are. We don’t need to waste class time hammering it into kid’s heads. They’re already a year behind due to all this Covid stuff. Leave it to the parents to hammer it into their children’s heads that America has a racist past.