Immigration Agent Tries to Question 4th-Grader, Gets Turned Away by School Officials

John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

If you needed any further proof of how low the agents of this administration will sink to carry out its dictator’s mandates, a federal immigration agent showed up at an elementary school in Queens, N.Y., to question a fourth-grade student Thursday.


A New York City spokesman told CBS New York that the incident happened at Public School 58 in the Maspeth section of Queens, and that it was the first time a situation like that had occurred since Mayor Bill de Blasio put a policy in place in March to turn away federal agents who show up without warrants.

“We’re not allowing [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] agents in the building because I think parents are so afraid right now, and are worried that an agent could literally come into a building and single out their child; we want them to know that can’t happen under this policy,” de Blasio said in March.

CBS reports that Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said in a statement that all students, regardless of immigration status, are welcome in New York City public schools.

The incident is being investigated by the city’s Immigration Affairs commissioner.

A spokesman for the federal immigration unit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services sent a statement to CBS that read, “While I cannot discuss the details of the case, I can confirm that two USCIS officials visited an elementary school in Maspeth, Queens, as part of an administrative inquiry pertaining to an immigration benefit request.

“Although school visits are not routine in these circumstances, they are not unprecedented,” the statement continued. “I must emphasize that the purpose of the visit was to verify certain facts about the student’s enrollment in relation to a request for an immigration benefit. At no time did the officers ask to see or speak with the student, who was not the subject of the administrative inquiry.”


Read more at CBS New York.

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I wonder how long it’s going to be until ICE agents are arrested, for trespass or other offenses.