‘I’m With Joe’: Punch-a-Nazi Poster Child Richard Spencer Tweets His Endorsement of Joe Biden

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2020 is officially M. Night Shyamalan’s worst movie.

I mean, I thought this shitshow had already jumped the shark when the mistresses of minstrel, Diamond and Silk, decided they were ready to talk about systemic racism, but this infamous year has apparently decided to pull an Evel Knievel over a mile-long row of sharks as the alt-right favorite with America’s most punchable face, Richard Spencer, has announced his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


On Monday, the tiki-torch boy-band leader (he changed the name of his group to “White Sheet Boys” because “NSYNC With White Supremacy” doesn’t roll off the tongue very well) tweeted an image of his photo next to the words “I’m with Joe” and a quote from an earlier tweet of his that reads, “Liberals are clearly more competent.”

From Newsweek:

In a series of tweets, Spencer further explained his reasoning for backing Biden.

“The MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over. I made mistakes; Trump is an obvious disaster; but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we now are able to perceive. And it needs to end,” Spencer wrote. “So be patient. We’ll have another day in the sun. We need to recover and return in a new form.”

In another tweet, Spencer added: “I will never flip on my fundamental principles. (My principles were never voting for the supposed ‘the lesser or two evils’ or ‘stopping big government.’)

“Walking into certain defeat, even death, is not heroic. It’s foolhardy. I have no sympathy for martyrs. I admire winners.”

To be fair, it’s not like discount Rush Limbaugh was going to endorse Trump. In January, grownup Eric Cartman tweeted that he “deeply” regrets “voting for and promoting Donald Trump in 2016” following the Trump-approved airstrike killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. (Spencer also tweeted a message to the people of Iran letting them know Americans don’t really want no smoke.) And months before that, Richard “I said ‘Heil Hitler’ Not ‘Heil Hit Me in the Face’” Spencer went on CNN to declare that Trump is racist but not racist enough for his taste.

Still, a neo-Nazi like Spencer—who the Southern Poverty Law Center described as “one of the country’s most successful young white nationalist leaders,” a “suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old,” and “a kind of professional racist in khakis”—throwing his lot behind the Democratic ticket is one weird plot twist.


Anyway, according to Andrew Bates, the director of rapid response for Biden’s campaign, Biden is rejecting Spencer’s friend request.


“When Joe Biden says we are in a battle for the soul of our nation against vile forces of hate who have come crawling out from under rocks, you are the epitome of what he means,” Bates tweeted. “What you stand for is absolutely repugnant. Your support is 10,000% percent unwelcome here.”

Since no one seems to give a shit what David Duke’s laundry basket thinks about literally anything, let’s just do the only thing we all really want to do when it comes to Spencer: Watch him get punched in the face.

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Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons


Manic Otti

Fuck Richard Spencer. Who gives a shit what he wants (unless it’s a punch in the face-if he wants that, fine). Why do people still interview, publicize or talk to him?